How to Become a Freelance Writer, Starting from Scratch By Shan

imagine you’re sitting in a lounge chair on the seaside, staring out over the glittering sea, the sea breeze ruffling your hair, taking note of the sluggish, consistent rhythm of the waves

It’s peaceful. perfect for thinking.

And so that you do, scribbling down your mind with one hand and drinking a martini with the other.

You’re a contract writer. You get paid to jot down for websites, magazines, corporate clients — all distinct forms of gigs.

And it’s work you can do from everywhere.

One week, you’re at the seaside. the following, perhaps you’re within the mountains. The week after that, you’re travelling with your family.

appears like a dream, right? Like it couldn’t probably be actual?

but it’s miles.

on this submit, I’m going to train you how to end up a contract author. I’m also going to speak about what’s changed with freelance writing and what it surely takes to construct a writing career nowadays global, either as a full-time professional author or just doing it at the facet.

because the profession is real. liberty is real. In truth, you may even say it’s easier than ever before. here’s why:

The $877.sixty six Billion possibility for Writers

That’s not a typo. 

Have you observed how pretty much each commercial enterprise has an internet site, weblog, and a social media web page (usually fb)?

maybe you’ve additionally observed how the stuff most of them submit kinda sucks? dull content material, unprofessional spelling and grammatical errors, and so on.

Well, that’s why successful organisations are hiring freelance writers in droves. with the aid of the give up of 2022, might be really worth an expected $407.30 billion and the studies firm Absolute reviews predicts spending will grow to $877.sixty six billion by 2028.

Freelancing is the brand new everyday, but right here’s what’s loopy:

While companies are well-aware of the significance of content material marketing, writers are nonetheless caught in the Stone Age of trying to get posted in magazines and newspapers. Yes, you can nonetheless make a living that way, but with increasingly publishers not paying writers at all, the competition for paying gigs is getting stiffer and stiffer.

With content material marketing, then again, there’s in reality a scarcity of writers. you may make loads extra money with fewer complications.

right here’s the way to get started:

a way to turn out to be a contract creator

1.expand Your content material introduction competencies

2.Up Your search engine optimization recreation

3.construct a Portfolio of Writing Samples

4.Get Your First Paying customer

5.Scale until You no longer need to

  1. Develop Your content creation capabilities

Your talent at growing remarkable content may have a greater impact on how an awful lot of money you are making than something else. right here’s why:

The organisations paying the very best rates are the ones who understand the significance of satisfactory content. They may be glad to pay expert writers and copywriters, because they agree (efficiently) that it’ll assist them to dominate their competition.

For a available visible reminder of the ROI of content advertising, check out the photo below (click on to see a larger view):

Embed This Infographic in your website:

So, how do you stage up your content writing talents?

We’ve dozens of posts about that very topic right here at smart Blogger. start with this step-with the aid-of-step manual about the way to write an awesome blog post and paintings your way through. Our Freelance Writing Hub and listing of favourite writing recommendations are other super assets.

specifically, here are some of the maximum essential writing competencies that allows you to develop:

mastering content material frameworks. The net is overflowing with listing posts (i.e7 approaches to X) for a motive: their paintings. It’s not the simplest content material framework, though. There are really about a dozen verified frameworks, and the first-class freelance writers master as many as viable.

Writing headlines. The headlines of your posts have a larger effect on their traffic and overall achievement than some other element. Get in the habit of brainstorming 5-10 consistent with day. Like anything else, writing the suitable headline is in general about practice.

questioning for yourself. Ever note how most writers are just regurgitating the advice of other writers? Don’t be one of those. I’m not saying you need to be totally unique, but at least lay your own mind on the pinnacle of the same old advice. It’ll give your writing a far extra sense of authority.

supporting factors with examples. in preference to making a factor and leaving it placing there unsupported, get into the habit of backing up each factor you make with an instance. There are exceptions to this rule, however you’re far better off having too many examples than too few.

keeping the reader emotionally engaged. To get paintings as a contract creator, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your posts want to make logical experience, however you may not realise in addition they want to resonate with the emotions of the reader. The higher you get at maintaining readers emotionally engaged, the extra stocks you will get on your content material, and you’ll be capable of charging more.

And at the same time as those are an awesome start, there’s one specific ability that’s so vital it deserves its own factor:

  1. Up Your SEO Game

Companies and agencies are more than happy to pay a little extra for someone who understands the basics of SEO writing.

The more intimate your understanding of powerful keywords, user intent, and competitive analysis, the more likely your post is to rank well in the search engines. Therefore, your writing becomes more valuable.

because put yourself in their shoes: wouldn’t you as an alternative pay extra for a person with a confirmed capability to rank? I without a doubt might, and so it makes experience to end up that man or woman.

Tip: right here’s a very thorough search engine optimization manual and resource listing from my pal Brian Dean.

The most powerful portfolio you can have is a collection of posts ranking on web page 1 of Google. Sarah Peterson, as an example, now makes over $1,000 consistent with publishing, because she has a validated track document of ranking properly.

Granted, it takes time to build that sort of portfolio. allow stroll thru the system, beginning with what you do whilst you’re a complete beginner.

  1. construct a Portfolio of Writing Samples

You’d suppose it might be virtually hard to become a contract author without an extensive writing portfolio, proper? In any case, it’s proof for potential clients that you recognise what you’re doing.

however right here’s the factor:

There are special levels of evidence, starting with…

degree 1: A Portfolio That Proves you understand a way to Write a first rate post

You’d be surprised how many so-called “freelance writers” don’t understand a way to write a proper weblog submission. I’d say it’s more than 80%, which sounds terrible, however it’s also a massive advantage if you do recognise the way to write a good submit

let’s say you’ve been running on your content material abilities (step one above *cough*), and also you’re getting comfortable writing distinct sorts of blog posts. nicely, create some writing samples to show off your competencies.

when you have your personal weblog, put them there. If not, it’s quick and clean to put them on other running blog structures like Medium.

The nice part is, you can try this in a matter of a week or two.  or three posts is sufficient, and you don’t want everybody’s approval to post them. if you don’t have an internet presence with posted paintings but, it’s without a doubt wherein you should start.

level 2: A Portfolio That Proves you already know What You’re speaking approximately

A good higher way is to create case studies. right here’s an instance from Ross Hudgens of Siege Media:

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